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Mark Irvine- Broken turn signals, bummer right? Just got my car fixed again. Than...ks to the Angels right here at NAD Autoworks. Now people will know I'm turning again. They always make me happy, always treat me right, and always give me great deals!


Gabrielle Gibbons- Big shout out to NAD Autoworks by the way, they are life savers and amazing people all around! So blessed to have them around our area! Good people just make your days so much better.


Gary T. Martin- My family was on vacation at Miramar Beach Destin Fl. when the starter went out on our Tahoe.  I called several people and left a message with NAD Autoworks doing Mobile Auto Repair service. I got a prompt call back form Paul Yarbrough. In talking to Paul i could tell he really knew his business. He gave me a time when he could get to me. He picked up a starter on his wa, quickly replaced and did everything "to the letter" that he said he would. i was very pleased with his professionalism and felt comfortable with his organization. The charge was exactly what he said and there was no up front fees. I was highly impressed with Mr. Yarbrough. i believe from my experience he is highly ethical and trustworthy and would  use him again for anything in the event i need help. He would be my service provider on a regular basis if he were in Atlanta. This guy gets nothing less than an excellent rating and a big thank you for your help!


Amy B. - Awsome Service at a low cost! I would reccomend to all my friends and family. Personal Service and they come out to me at my house. Changed my brakes and completed an oil change right in my driveway. It was awsome

Bradford Martin  - I brought my truck (09 Silverado) to Paul to get a 5.3l V8 engine replaced. He was recommended by my wife's boss. Little did I know was that he's a lone-wolf mechanic that does quality work. Downside to this is that he takes a while to get the job done, but when is top quality work finished quickly? Upside is that he puts a high amount of 'care' into a vehicle when he touches it and he does the job correctly. I've been by there in the middle of his engine swap and offered help if he was swamped with work and I have helped a little. After the engine was swapped, we turned the engine and it sounded like a newborn beast. The engine light came on and he ran the codes and made the minor adjustments. Afterward the truck was good to go. About a week after I had a coolant leak and I called him and told him exactly where it was coming from. After 5 minutes of using his master troubleshooting mind, he knew exactly what it was (just a little port located behind the engine). I brought it back to him and he repaired it in less that 14 hours. If I had a problem in the future with any of my vehicles, Paul at N. A. D. Autoworks would be the first person to call because he has a high respect toward vehicles and has excellent prices. Thank you Paul.

Curtis Nelson - Paul did a great job on my van, I'm very happy with the way it runs now. Thanks again!

Robert George- Great service.... Paul is really a genuine person and hard worker. He's retired USAF and deliver quality through his work. Highly recommended.

Angelina Wallace- Great guy & awesome job! Highly recommend

Walter Jesoning -My truck sat at his shop for nearly two months. He TEXTED me saying it was ready for pick up. After calling to ask what the issue was he said it needed a new engine..... it took him two months to figure that out?... After asking basic questions on how he came to that conclusion (oil pressure, cylinder pressure/ temps) basic engine troubleshooting steps. He had zero answers.
200 for an oil change and "trouble shooting"

Being a veteran too it's upsetting he's running a highway robbery shop.

I'm not the only one with horror stories. I guess no one else posts reviews.. hell, it took me a year to get around to it. 

NAD Response- Individual brought the vehicle in running parked at the carwash next to the shop. He wanted an oil change so we pulled the vehicle in the shop still running. When we completed the oil change the truck would not start. The customer did not inform the shop or its personnel that he was having issues before he brought the truck to the shop . NAD techs diagnosed the vehicle and discovered several issues with the truck and we believe the customer did know about the issues we faced with this truck and tried to use the shop as a scape goat to fix what he did not want to pay for. The vehicle was not at the shop the length of time customer stated and was repaired to get the vehicle to his home due to lack of funds. Honestly what he paid for the service was well under what he would have paid at Pep Boys, Firestone or any dealership he may have takin the vehicle to. He was lucky I was nice .

Brandi Hill My husband was leaving soon and my vehicle needed new rear lateral links. Paul worked with our hectic schedule and got us in and out of his shop quickly (2 hours) and at our convenience. He was even able to fit in an oil change. His employees were easy to deal with and very helpful. Great customer service and super time efficient. I will definitely use NAD again

Olivia Jackson Only one person was working. Went for an oil change. Asked him to grease the front and all he only greased two fixtures. When he was asked he had one my done two, he said that they weren't really an oil changing plqce, but there we oil change signs all in the front of the establishment for $16.95 oil changes. I ended up getting good charged nearly $30. I would never refer anyone to this place of business. NAD Response- Ok, If you read the sign its says Oil Change STARTING AT 16.99. Her vehicle takes 7 Quarts of oil so after 5 quarts it cost 5.00 a quart and she requested to lube the ball joint which was done but the rest of the joints are sealed! Yes NAD is a signle man shop and is appointment based shop but I fitted her in around other customers who had an appointment. 


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